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#ifndef TEXT_H
#define TEXT_H
#include <SDL.h>

enum text_alignment

typedef struct font
  int char_w, char_h, char_d;
  SDL_Surface *chars[256];
} font_t;

/* Loads an image containing the chars in the chars string in that
   order. Each char is assumed to be char_width pixels wide. The
   display must be open before calling this function. char_pitch is
   the pixel distance from the start of a char to the start of the
   next. */
font_t *text_load_font(const char *image, const char *chars,
                   int char_width, int char_pitch);

int text_setup(void);

extern font_t *big_font;
extern font_t *small_font;

/* Draw a sequence of characters on the screen
 * If boundary is nonzero then it is filled with the
 * bounding rectangle of all the printed chars.
 * The align variables control the text placement with
 * regards to x and y.
void text_render(SDL_Surface *target, SDL_Rect *boundary,
             font_t *font,
             int x, int y, 
             enum text_alignment xalign, 
             enum text_alignment yalign,         
             char *string);


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